Tracking Systems

GIS UAV (Pty) Ltd - Drones and Tracking

Personal Tracking Device


A small lightweight tracking device with a rechargeable battery life of 12 days, also equipped with a panic button that will alert the Call Center in case of an emergency.



How Does Our Tracking Service work?


Call Center

We have strategically placed call centers in Gauteng which keep an eye on the tracking devices of all our clients.

In the event of an emergency, theft, carjacking or robbery the call centers will confirm and then alert the closest company affiliated response team and if necessary also closest Police Station, Metro Police Station, and Local Policing Forums.

The Call Center also keeps record of trip data and event alarms for 3 months


Response Teams

Gis UAV have partnership agreements with response teams belonging to other security companies.

An agreement with a company based at Rand Airport gives us access to helicopters and fixed wing aircraft 24/7


Do Your Own Tracking


In many instances our clients prefer to do their own tracking.


All you need is one of our tracking devices, a laptop/smart phone and a SimCard.


The rest is up to you and there are no other commitments.


Monitor any of your assets at anytime from your smartphone, and receive event alarms or decide where to send your event alarms to in the form of text messages.


Price: R 1 500.00/unit


Keying Tracking Devices


A gps enabled tracking device the size of a garage door remote controller, with 12 hours battery life

Magnetic Tracking Device


A small size lightweight tracking device with a rechargeable battery life of 30 days containing 4 very strong magnets.

The idea is to temporary attach the magnetic unit to valuable cargo such as containers, trailers or earthmoving/construction plant.

OBD Unit


This unit plugs into the OBD port of a vehicle and draws power from the vehicle battery.

It takes about 20 seconds to install.