GIS UAV (Pty) Ltd - Drones and Tracking

Research and Development Services


You might be considering starting a career in aerial mapping or surveillance.

You might have an application for drones in mind that nobody thought of before.

We can help you with that; we have engineers, technicians and drones available to assist you in tests, feasibility and viability studies.


We have done a couple of successful trials for our clients already:

  • we burned landmines with thermite
  • we fired rockets from a multirotor
  • we dropped mortars from a multirotor
  • we scouted for IED's ahead of a convoy
  • we proved surveillance for disaster management from a container, rigged out as an opsroom
  • we proved that areal mapping and 3D terrain analysis are viable options as oppose to the use of satellites or airplanes


Aerial Mapping and 3D Modeling

Multirotor FPV Cam

Thermal Camera