GIS UAV (Pty) Ltd - Drones and Tracking

At GIS UAV we have been developing drones since 2012.


First it was just a hobby and later we register a company to deal with the amount of business coming our way.


Today we do consultations for our clients on various applications related to drones.

We import and sell drones in cases where there is an "on the shelf" solution for our clients.

Where there is no "on the shelf" solution, we design and manufacture what they need.


Many of our clients don't really want to own drones or go through the trouble of learning how to fly a drone.

In such cases we offer them a service, for example doing an aerial photography job, or 3D terrain modeling.


Our business module on electronic tracking systems is just as simple.

We can provide our clients with a complete solution, ranging from fleet management to stolen vehicle recovery or we can provide them with the technology where they manage their own tracking.