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Fixed Wings


The DF-M01 Fixed Wing is a versatile rugged carbon fiber drone designed for short range surveillance missions.

The frame of the drone, including undercarriage, servos and mechanical components weighs 10 kg.

The total takeoff weight is 28 kg.

If you add a DLE 55RA gasoline motor (1.7 kg) and considering fuel pipes, fuel tank and ignition battery and you should end up at around 13 kg without fuel.


You still have 15 kg to work with and must now trade between payload and range. (Consider the legal restrictions on takeoff weight in your country)


For flight time at 75% throttle, speed 110 km/h you will use 1 liter fuel every 55 minutes.

You can therefore fly 100 km on 1 liter of fuel (estimation, also keep a safety margin)


A 4 liter fuel tank will give you 220 minutes of flying time (400 km).

The weight of 4 liters of fuel will be about 3 kg leaving you with 12 kg for payload.

On the other hand you might trade payload for flying time, hanging only a video camera on the drone, and fit a much bigger fuel tank.


Then there is also the battery option.

You might choose a quiet electric motor and stack the drone with a bank of batteries, for clandestine surveillance.




We consult with the client to establish his needs and the scope of works.

Where possible we find on the shelf products which we import on their behalf and combine it with other technologies, if necessary.


Design & Manufacture

In some cases, where design and manufacture what the client needs.





Multirotors (DF-M04)


This is the kit you need if you want to do professional aerial photography or surveillance jobs with a multirotor.


The DF-M04 Hex Multirotor is a versatile rugged drone designed to withstand the stress of field work.


We abandoned the idea of carbon fiber frames because they just didn't last on the job and we designed a stronger frame built from aircraft aluminum tubing and plating.


Frame (Aluminum) = 2250.0g

Motors U7 V2 KV490 x 6 (258 g each) = 1548.0g

Props 18" x 6.1" Carbon Fiber x 3 (32.2g per pair) = 193.2g

Speed Controllers T80A x 6 (106g each) = 636.0g

Accessories (Pixhawk, GPS antenna, Cabling, Telemetry antenna, ext) = 372.0g

22 000 mAh Lipo 6s Battery x 1, = 2500.0g

Ready to Fly Weight = 7499.2g


"Onboard" and "Base Station" Electronics


The Hex Multirotor can do automated flying such as waypoints, aerial photography templates including auto takeoff and landing.

It is actually very easy to fly the multirotor with a Pixhawk flight controller.

We are currently using the Pixhawk Flight Controller, and advanced autopilot system manufactured by 3D Robotics in conjunction with Mission Planner which is a ground station for Windows that allows you to plan and fly autonomous missions, the software also gives access to flight logs, maps and telemetry data.


With a laptop for mission planner, an RC Radio, FPV screen on a tripod, you are ready to go flying.

In the image below a pilot is flying a multirotor manually and using the FPV camera to inspect a fence.

In some cases we have even flied multirotors from inside a vehicle.


New addition to the family

Aerowing 1200

Aerowing 1900